Netty The Poet

Limited Brand & Website

Netty the poet is an inspirational author and speaker from Washington DC. Her mission is to bring healing through her poetry and podcast to those who have suffered trauma and great loss. Her positivity and resilience are contagious and uplifting to those others and is a master at storytelling.

We designed her podcast cover “Uplifting Convos with Netty”  and developed a limited brand with photography and website development to really share her essence and promote her new book “Aspirations of the Broken Heart”. The book, her family and her resilient spirit were the main inspiration for this brand.

Netty the Poet
Brand Photography, Website Design, Podcast Cover



We provided branding photography to promote her new website, social and book. We used a warm color palette in the photography to bring up the best of Netty’s personality and focused on her positivity and smile. Netty’s bold, warm, strong, and charismatic personality came to life through her photos.


Netty writes about self-love, persevering, heartbreak, family, and faith. She had a website she had previously DIY-ed but it wasn’t meeting her needs as she grew into a professional author from a motivations blogger.

We created Netty the poet website to promote her book, podcast, and share resources for her readers. The landing page focuses on her book, where to find it, purchase it and connect with it as well as reviews. The about page gives us a more in-depth perspective on Netty’s mission to help others through hardship through hope, prayer and resilience.

Podcast Cover

In the podcast cover, we worked to create an illustration that will be inviting and calming. The purpose of the podcast is to inspire others through conversation and motivational interviews with guests who overcame the most difficult obstacles life can throw at them.

“Join Netty in her day-to-day conversations that will not only encourage you, but push you to be the best version of yourself”.

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