The light-hearted, hand-lettering lover latina behind the brand:

Hi, I am Gaby

Brand designer, multimedia producer, and strategist with over a decade of experience in the creative and marketing field. Basically, I’m the person you want in your corner when it comes to making your brand look amazing. 

I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Maryland. I’m currently working on my Masters in Marketing because, let’s face it, I’m a bit of a nerd and love learning new things.

My passions include creating new color palettes, experimenting with typography, and making socially conscious decisions that help and elevate my community. (while still having a good time, of course).

When I’m not busy designing, you can usually find me sending ridiculous gifs to my friends and redecorating my space to look even more chic and shiny than it already does.

My inspiration comes from my Latinx heritage, fashion, photography, and the fact that life is just too short not to have a good laugh. So, if you want to work with someone who knows how to have fun and get things done, let’s make some magic together!

Our Core Values



We believe in creating work that is genuine and honest. We believe that by staying true to our clients’ values and telling their stories in an authentic way, we can help them build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with their audiences. Whether we’re creating a website or a full-blown brand identity, we always strive to create work that is true to the heart of our clients’ businesses.



Creativity is at the heart of everything we do, with years of flexing our creative muscles, we really get how to create out of the box brands and push the boundaries to create work that is truly innovative and inspiring. Weather we are drawing, illustrating, producing or directing you will get the same level of creativity and focus for your brand.



We understand that empathy is a critical ingredient in creating truly impactful work. We make it a priority to really understand our clients’ needs, pain points, and goals so that we can craft messaging and creative that truly resonates with their target audience. We believe that a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology is key to creating work that is not only beautiful, but effective.



We believe collaboration is essential to a successful creative project. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their vision and can develop a strategy that aligns with their goals. We value open communication and strive to foster a collaborative environment where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.